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Does Royale Diamond Shine or just a Diamond in the Rough?


What up peeps, its your hip hop blogger with a wix account! 2Real4Radio is constantly on the grind trying to hear new talent and new style. For the past month we have included 3 tracks from the artist Royale Diamond. His smooth track, "Mixxin'" ask the question "how much did you miss me", it has a jazzy blend with booming bass. I really enjoyed the track, it kept me a vibin mood.

He also has another track called Y.A.K. that kinda has the same type of mellow flow, it really does spill off da glass like some top shelf liquor. Bass pumps and the sound flows well.

He is also featured in "The Wave", which I honestly thinks he murders the track like an assassin. Royale wanted to know "when its time to left a tire you are never in town" and the use of "message in the bottle" really added to the metaphor of "The Wave".

Final verdict: Royale Diamond is 2REAL and ready for the big league. Look out for this Diamond Industry! If you want to hear and see more Royale Diamond click the link


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