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Time and Money

I spoke to two young ladies recently about programs that the system had them attend to become a better parent and drug classes, all required by DSS. I asked them what time do these programs start and how long are the programs. One said the their parenting classes are between 

Monday-Thursday from 10am-2pm and other person said her drug classes are 10-Noon and she has counseling from noon to 3pm Tuesday's and Thursday's.

It quickly became apparent to me that those times are between 9am-5pm, which is the prime time for working, if you don't believe ask Dolly Parton. Most of Americas money is made during these hours. I then asks these women if there are night or weekend programs? They said "no".

I then asked myself "what job would let someone off at these hours to go to these programs?" I quickly answered my own question, "none!".

These programs have to assume that you one have no job or maybe work nights which is more than likely not a great paying job. If these programs really care to help these women shouldn't they have night and weekend programs? Finally I quickly realized that these programs are not for the people that need it, it is there to create a job for employees of the system, they are the people that are working the 9-5?

Working people do drugs, they are also horrible parents as well, but these systems are not allowed to prey on them. The system creates programs just to create jobs so the tax payer can spend money.

It's all about money. Instead of creating programs to try solve unsolvable problems and at the end of the program giving people a useless certificate, re-educated the people with a trade or money management. A lot of the poor do drugs or spend money unwisely because of lack of knowledge or education and/or trying to get a "rush" that can be fulfilled another way that is not a deferment to themselves and others. Gaming, the arts, a hobby, reading or even running a business can give you that same rush if you are able to tap into that part of your mind.

All in all these programs try to help but it seems to the trained eye that it might just be a way to create another government job.

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