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2Real Savage Review: Broze's JAWNZ & JIT PAKK EP, Hot Fire or Hot Garbage?

First I would to say that if you submit a mixtape or track to us we will critically review your music. We hope that our reviews will help artist grow and take our criticism to make them a better artist. Now to Broze.

Broze's JAWNZ & JIT PAKK EP is on datpiff you can click on the link to hear it. The mixtape starts with a sample from the 8 Mile movie and honestly this was the best track on the mixtape. The other 4 songs sounded very similar and lyrically he was mark absent from all his classes. It seems like Broze is trying to copy a sound and style that he isn't able to pull off. The mixtape sounded like one straight line of doo doo. The only time I was able to wake up from this coma is when the Intro starts over again. Another issue, did you know that your mixtape cover bottom left corner is not red, its orange? I didn't know if you ment to do that purposely.

Final verdict Broze you need to go back to the drawing board and try to create an original style. Being 2real4radio we will play this mixtape for ONLY ONE WEEK AND THATS IT! Broze's JAWNZ & JIT PAKK EP Gets one half SAVAGE, it leaves you with a feeling of just and "ooh" without the "yeah"

Note to Gmail, when a track like this comes to our email please put it in the correct folder: TRASH

DONT BE SCARED! Send your music to for consideration to spun on our station. It MUST be in MP3 Format also send a short bio and picture.

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