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2Real SaVaGe Review: Is Beezy Synatra's "FrFr" For Real For Real?

Ok ok if you are listening to 2real4radio you must have heard this track called "FrFr" from Beezy Synatra. It has a very speedy flow and it spiritual carries your listening ear through the whole track. Then the chorus drops and you begin to think, "damn this shit is for real for real". Everything blends really well the beat, the lyrics, and tempo hold this track together seamlessly.

"Frfr" is definitely a unique track, something different from today's norm. That's why this a very special track, because when you listen to the radio all you hear now is mumbling and other bullshit and then "FrFr" drops and then you back quick boppin!

You can find this song on Live Mixtapes Trapboi Muzic 89.

Beezy is a heavyweight with his lyrics. He goes up and down with the flow adds good sauce with his ad libs. It all and all mixes well to create an awesome song. The only draw back I could think of was the song was a bit short for my taste, I wanna to hear more...for real for real.


The final verdict! Beezy's "Frfr" Gets 4 Savages out of 5! This is definite 2Real Classic! It gets da "ohhh yeah" plus makes me wanna hunt down Miss Elizbeth's ass!


DONT BE SCARED! Send your music to for consideration to spun on our station. It MUST be in MP3 Format also send a short bio and picture.


Reviewed by

Yung Bizness

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