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Remy Ma Responds back to Nicki w/ Shether

Ok if you didn't hear Remy Ma's battle bar against Nicki here it is. Remy uses Nas' Ether beat to help her destroy Nicki Minaj. The beat is actually two times longer the the OG Nas diss. It Starts off with a drop of Nicki saying "FREE Remy" Then Remy starts spitting about Nicki's ass. The one thing that caught me was she was going bar for bar on Nicki, some of the shit was kinda repetitive and dragged out a bit but all in all was straight fire.

Remy also exposed Nicki for being a soft bully opportunist, she only takes on people she can beat like Hannah Montana, Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. But fuck with Remy....nah cause REMY GUNNA KILL YOU!

Then Remy exposes Nicki on her record Deal. She said that Nicki's money goes through 5 hands before she touch it, that she actually makes only 35 cents of the total dollar. Remy boast that he owes her own shit and Nicki has to work 10 times harder to make what Remy makes. Maybe?

I think the best line "but before the butt job you was a spongebob", that shit was funny.

I think the whole this was good but lack bombs. Yes it was straight fire but was missing the total destruction that Nas gave Jay-Z in the original. Be careful Remy, Nicki heard you and she is plotting the rebuttal.

Yung Bizness

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