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Pedophilia Helped to Create the WNBA

Wow what a wild theory, Pedophilia helped to create the WNBA. Now this theory will have to be pieced together a part at a time and at the end of this piece I would like you to let me know if you think that my thesis is true. This case must be built on a sturdy foundation and I will be using and linking facts and other articles to prove my case. I will be also be asking you the reader clear your mind of all prejudice and allow yourself to let facts in your mind. I will section off each base foundation of this argument and establish fact for each and at the end total up each base to see if pedophilia helped to create the WNBA.

The WNBA is made mostly of African American women

According to a November 2016 ESPN article, the WNBA is made up of 68.5% Black or African American women which is almost three times more than the second race of players which are white (24.5%) . So we established the first fact that most of the WNBA is Black.

Most WNBA Players are Gay

Ex-WNBA player Candice Wiggins stated that 98% of the players were gay. Here is the link Now that might be a little extreme but she did play in the league, she also speaks about being harassed and the league became toxic for her. We can agree that maybe not such a high number of women are gay in the WNBA but for an Ex-Player to proclaim such a high number then it must at least be much more than half.

Most Black Women Were Sexually Assaulted Before They Were An Adult

This article states that 60% of Black women were sexually assaulted before age 18 and for every one report of rape, 15 go unreported. If you couple those two facts the number is really unnerving.

A Majority of Lesbians were Sexually assaulted While Young

In this above article a personal study found that 66% of lesbian were sexually assaulted while young. This means most lesbians were victims of Pedophilia as youths. Now is time to add up all the factors.

Does the math add up?

Ok first we can all agree that most of the WNBA are comprised of black women.

Second an ex-players proclaims that most of the players are gay and if we can agree with the fact that most black women were sexually assaulted when they were young and finally most Lesbians were sexually assaulted then it will be logically to conclude that most WNBA players were sexually assaulted when young by Pedophiles.

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